I believe you get better outcomes if you pay more attention to the people doing the work. People want to be heard, they want clarity of purpose and they want to enjoy what they are doing. My communications and facilitation work creates the space and conditions for authentic connection and ultimately deeper impact.

I’ve been called diplomatic, but I think it is more accurate to say I’m relentlessly empathetic. I’m constantly thinking about how my words will be interpreted; how others’ needs and experiences might shape their perceptions; how the mood of a room might impact the meeting goals. All of these things matter in people-centric work, which means they matter when it comes to achieving the outcomes you desire.

I've spent my career articulating a case for a strong, equitable education system and opportunities for children and families. I've supported successful advocacy efforts with talking points and one-pagers. I've facilitated meetings of award-winning educators. I've launched education policy blogs. I've created a learning community of communicators. I take my work seriously and I try to have as much fun as possible.

I've also been called momma, partner, karaoke-club member, chocolate-lover, storyteller, and podcast enthusiast.




She brought clarity and strategic vision into the organization from her first day.
— Simone Wren, Social Venture Partners Portland
Aimee Serious